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Construction Law

Our construction group, was formed to give contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and developers a local alternative to Birmingham and Atlanta firms. In our group we have , a Civil Engineering graduate, a former professor in the Building Science Department at Auburn University, a graduate of the College of Architecture Design and Construction at Auburn, and a licensed builder.

Having negotiated contracts, and settled claims on projects ranging from 7 thousand to over 70 million, the group’s focus is to provide a service needed by the East Alabama construction industry. “We feel like together we can provide something really special for our clients,” says Mike Fellows. We can read a set of plans and specs, understand the potential damages for delays or defects, explain the ramifications of the bid law, file a lien correctly, know when one is filed incorrectly, make a proper bond claim, or just find a way to get you paid. We’re using our unique experience to find better solutions for our clients’ problems.

Injury Law

If that happens to you, preparing for a legal battle may seem like the least of your concerns, but insurance companies expect you to prove that you were really injured and that it was definitely their customer’s fault. In our 70 years of combined experience, we’ve learned how important it is to get involved quickly to protect your claim and help you thoroughly document the cause of your injury and the results.  If you don’t call us, call someone, because every day that goes by could be evidence needed for your claim that is lost forever.

Your future may depend on your case. Call us. We’ll help you prepare. (334) 737-3733

Representing those involved in Trucking Accidents, Auto Accidents and Car Wrecks, Motorcycle Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse, Product Defect Injuries, On-site / On-premises injury, Negligent hiring and training, and other injury related cases.

Criminal Law

On our staff we have a retired circuit judge and lawyers with experience as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and college criminal law instructors who can help you move on to a better future.  From Traffic Court and DUI’s to Felony Charges, put our experience to work for you.

Our practice includes Auburn City Court and Courts in Lee, Chambers, Tallapoosa, Russell, and Macon Counties.  We work with youthful offenders and college students.  Whether you’re facing jail or seeking deferred prosecution, we’ll help you find peace again.

Representing those charged with: DUI (driving under the influence)Public Intoxication, Alcohol Related Charges, Marijuana and Drug Charges, Traffic Offenses, Theft, Burglary, Robbery and other Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Business Law

“If your contract doesn’t consider the worst-case scenario, you’ll likely experience the worst-case scenario.”

-Circuit Judge James T. Gullage, Ret.
Founding Partner

Most business disputes can be avoided if the parties consult with a lawyer in the beginning rather than at the end. Other problems, though unseen, may be unavoidable. Whether you’re trying to avoid trouble or get out of it, we’ll help you assess your options and move toward a solution.

Family Law

There is no doubt that our society is cracking under the stress of today’s world. Caught in the crossfire are daughters, sons, mothers, and fathers. Lawyers are not the best equipped people to resurrect love, yet perhaps no legal matters scar our lives like family legal disputes. Our own anger can often do more damage to us than anyone else ever could. Far too often our family courts become an instrument of someone’s hate.

Our firm aims to help our clients avoid that trap and protect them from the self-centeredness of others as well. Divorce, Abuse, Child Custody Changes- none of these events are without serious consequence. Unfortunately they are not entirely unavoidable either. We desire to help our clients minimize the collateral damage- emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Title IX and Student Conduct

Have you been accused of a potential Title IX sexual harassment, sexual assault, or Student Conduct violation? Don't know what to do to protect yourself? Serious accusations are scary. We understand and are here to help.


Gullage and Tickle has a proven track record of success in Title IX cases. Making sense of the federal laws while also understanding how each school or university’s individual policies interact is delicate and very complex. Jeff Tickal won't leave you feeling overwhelmed. You're going to love your experience with Jeff as he helps you exercise and protect your rights during every step of the process.

The laws in this field are subject to constant change. Some schools and universities have multiple polices covering these types of offenses. A judgement against you under Title IX can be devastating and can include expulsion from school and a notation on your transcript. The consequences of being found responsible for violating a school’s policy in this area is very serious. You're not going to want to go it alone.

Gullage and Tickal gives students counsel they can rely on.

Call now to speak with us about your Title IX issues and to schedule your initial consultation

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